Who I Am

I'm a writer specialising in politics, culture and technology – and author of 'The Great Acceleration', a book explaining how and why our lives are getting faster and faster, and what the consequences will be. It's a rollicking read, covering everything from pop music to dating to high-frequency trading, and I thoroughly recommend picking up a copy.

When I'm not plugging the book, I'm busy as Editor of CapX. Before that I was a freelance columnist and feature writer for all manner of people. I also do TV, public speaking, ghost-writing, speechwriting and media consultancy, and am a global fellow at PS21, the think-tank for the study of the 21st century. If you want to get me to write or talk for you, just get in touch via the email below and I'll get back to you ASAP.

What I've Done

I spent the first decade of my career at The Daily Telegraph, ending up as associate editor (comment). During my time at the company I ran the comment department, overseeing comment and blogs in print and online, as well as working as a columnist, leader writer, science page editor, features editor, news reporter, technology writer and sub-editor.

I then moved to BuzzFeed UK, where I became their first news director, overseeing their general election coverage as well as the rest of their news output.

Most of my current writing can be found over at CapX. But I've also written for the Financial Times, Telegraph, Spectator, Politico, and others. You can find a few of my favourite articles here. I'm also on Medium and Facebook.

How To Reach Me

The best way to get hold of me is via email at hello@robertcolvile.com. I'm also on Twitter as @rcolvile – tweet or DM me.