Since becoming Editor (and then Editor-in-Chief) of CapX, most of my writing appears there - just take a look at my author page.

I have also written regularly for a variety of publications. You can find links to all my articles on my Facebook page (or just Google my name plus 'Politico', 'Telegraph', 'BuzzFeed' etc for my author pages on those sites). But here's a selection of the stuff I've done in the past.

Long Reads

The A&E crisis – a special report  (Telegraph)
This is probably the piece I'm proudest of: I spent a week on the front line of an NHS hospital in Birmingham, just as the fault lines within the health service cracked open. I spent 10,000 words trying to explain what's gone wrong, and how we can fix it.

The 'gay cure' experiments that were written out of history (Mosaic)
I could have written a book on this - and in fact, was offered a contract to do so when it came out. The astonishing story of Robert Heath, the Emperor of the Electrodes, and his attempts to cure homosexuality (and much much more) via direct brain stimulation.


Young voters won't buy into the Conservatives if they can't buy houses (Sun)

Enough of Theresa May's sabre-rattling on executive pay (Times)

Not what the doctor ordered (Financial Times)
An update on the state of the NHS, a year after my long read

Immigration – the actual cost to Britain (Telegraph)

What will Britain look like in 2025? (Sunday Telegraph)
Whimsical and almost instantly disproved.

If Britain is booming, why is the deficit growing? (Telegraph)
How the tax system is becoming dangerously dependent on a few high earners.

Yes, CEOs are ludicrously overpaid – and yes, it's getting worse (Telegraph)

Bring on the bulldozers, says Nick Boles – but it won't be that easy (Telegraph)
A study of the problems in the planning system.


George Galloway's luck may finally be running out (Spectator)
My first Spectator piece – an in-depth investigation into Britain's most colourful politician.

Boris, Dave and the battle for Brexit (Politico)

Narendra Modi wins at Wembley (Politico)

Is David Cameron's EU renegotiation already beside the point? (CapX)

Syrian refugee crisis: Spare a thought for those left behind (CapX)

Will the next Tory leader please stand up? (Politico)

Who on earth is Lord Ashcroft? (Politico)

Here's just how left-wing Jeremy Corbyn is (Politico)

16 things you need to know about what the 2015 election means (BuzzFeed)
Given this was written at 5am, on no sleep, I think it still holds up quite well.


How government tech upstarts are faltering (FT)

Why the Government has unfriended Facebook (Telegraph)

Will we be able to resist the robots' advances? (Telegraph)

Has Twitter ruined Twitter? (Medium)

The stress of life takes its toll (Telegraph)
Written just at the start of the research for 'The Great Acceleration'.

How Tim Cook's Apple conquered the world (Telegraph)

RIP Steve Jobs – the man who made Apple (Telegraph)


How Arctic Monkeys lost the battle for the dance floor (Medium)

Too many books? What 'Super Thursday' tells us about publishing (Telegraph)
In which I try to read every book published for the Christmas market.


Why David Cameron's best friend is calling for a revolution (BuzzFeed)
An interview with Steve Hilton.

Book Reviews

'This is London' by Ben Judah (Telegraph)

'Comrade Corbyn' by Rosa Prince (Telegraph)

'Social Class in the 21st Century' by Mike Savage et al (Telegraph)

'Call Me Dave' by Lord Ashcroft & Isabel Oakeshott (Telegraph)

'Cameron at 10' by Anthony Seldon & Peter Snowdon (Telegraph)

'The New Threat from Islamic Militancy' by Jason Burke (Telegraph)

'Revolution' by Russell Brand (Telegraph)

'The Shallows' by Nicholas Carr (Telegraph)

'SuperFreakonomics' by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner (Telegraph)

'The Future' by Al Gore (Telegraph)

'Outliers' by Malcolm Gladwell (Telegraph)

Fun Stuff

A best man speech for Ed Miliband, by his brother David (Telegraph)

What it's like to shoot zombies in Reading (Telegraph)
Genuinely the best afternoon I've ever had.

Why gentlemen prefer toppers (Telegraph)
An interview with the last top-hat merchant in London.

Office fashion: the shorts suit (Telegraph)
A damning indictment of what young journalists will do for a byline.