The Great Acceleration

It's the defining feature of our society – the way the world is getting faster, faster. But why's it happening? And where will it end?

In 'The Great Acceleration', I explain how the cult of speed marched out of Silicon Valley to conquer the world, and explore its consequences for our brains, our bodies and our children. The book traces the effects of acceleration across our social and love lives, politics, the media, the financial markets, and the natural world. It's the most exciting process in the world, and one that will make all of our lives better – but also one that brings extraordinary turbulence in its wake.

The book has been Book of the Week in The Times, the topic of a lively debate on Start the Week, hosted by Andrew Marr, and the subject of news stories and opinion pieces in the Mail, Times and Independent. (I've rounded up the coverage here.) I've also written about it for the Economist's 1843 magazine, the World Economic Forum, Politico, the Evening Standard, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Observer, the Sunday Times and others.

If you want me to talk or write about the book, just get in touch.

Praise for 'The Great Acceleration'

'It’s rare to go for a whole paragraph of this book without learning something unexpected, funny or disturbing... The Great Acceleration is really an excellent book.'

Daniel Finkelstein, review in The Times

'In a run, run, runaway world, Colvile’s The Great Acceleration is an indispensable guide to keeping up. A book that raises eyebrows and questions in equal measure. A meticulous, thoughtful, candid, sometimes stark and yet ultimately optimistic study of humanity, and our breath-taking desire for change.'

Boris Johnson, MP and Mayor of London

'A punchy and wide-ranging book about how our lives and our society are speeding up, when to apply the brakes and how to enjoy the ride.'

Tim Harford, author of 'The Undercover Economist Strikes Back'

'Highly recommended'

Andrew Marr, host of 'Start the Week'

'From sex to politics to business, this is a must-read account of the forces reshaping our lives. The effects of acceleration are real, and we need to start taking them seriously.'

Steve Hilton, author of 'More Human'

'It’s true – life is speeding up. But don’t despair, overall that’s a good thing for prosperity and quality of life, though it may not feel so as the emails pile up… This book is as fast-paced as its subject matter, and well worth making time for.'

Mark Lynas, author of 'The God Species'