Thomas Friedman discovers the Great Acceleration

Thomas Friedman is the dean of the New York Times comment pages and multi-million-selling author of The World is Flat - and his new book, Thank You For Being Late, takes as its topic the way in which the world is getting faster.

I've known about Friedman's interest in this topic since roughly the point I was finishing up the first draft of The Great Acceleration (though I always expected him to call it The World is Fast). But it's still strange to have someone else's work overlap with your own - to see what ideas you have in common and where you diverge.

I've reviewed the Friedman book for the Times Literary Supplement this week - if you've read both, I'd be fascinated to know what you think.

And just a reminder to anyone still deciding on their Christmas shopping - The Great Acceleration makes a wonderful present for anyone interested in how the world is changing (especially if they're too busy to shop for themselves). Buy it here.