New job at the Centre for Policy Studies

About a year ago, in autumn 2016, I agreed to become the Editor of CapX. It was, and is, a fascinating job to try to make the case for free markets at a time when faith in them is at arguably its lowest ebb since the 1930s.

As of October 2017, I have been asked to take on the job of running the Centre for Policy Studies, CapX's parent organisation. The CPS, for those who don't know their Westminster history, has an extraordinary heritage. It was founded by Sir Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher in 1974 with a brief to shatter the mould of British politics - which it promptly did, acting as the great intellectual engine room of the Thatcher revolution.

Today, with so many people feeling that the economy is not delivering for them, the need for such fresh thinking is even greater. We need to find not just the language but also the policies to deliver prosperity and reinvigorate the economy - and cope with the transformative effect of all the phenomena I wrote about in The Great Acceleration

It's a fascinating and daunting challenge, and one that I'm very much looking forward to. And if you've got any bright ideas for how to save capitalism, please do let me know...